Vergangene Veranstaltung: Third Asia-Pacific Urban Forestry Meeting.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN and the Royal Forestry Department of the Government of Thailand are co-organizing an online event as part of the effort to promote and bridge towards the Third Asia-Pacific Urban Forestry Meeting (APUFM), planned in February 2021.

The event will focus on „Urban forestry innovations to transform landscapes and well-being in the post-Covid-19 era“ and will be structured in three webinar sessions from 9am to 10.30am CET.

Asia is home to more than 55% of the world’s urban population, and is projected to experience the world fastest urban growth over the coming decades with two out of three inhabitants of the region living in cities by 2050. Depletion of natural resources, quality water scarcity, increased air pollution, and adverse climate change effects are among the main issues that Asian cities are facing as a consequence of this fast urbanization process. If well-managed, forests and trees in and around cities can provide a wide range of socioeconomic and environmental ecosystem goods and services towards a more sustainable and resilient urban development. A number of countries in the Region are leading the way in the implementation of national and local programmes to promote urban forestry as a tool for sustainable and resilient urban development however, the potential of urban forests and trees is still far from being fully exploited.